Monday, May 27, 2013

Student supervision

Baru je sorg student settelkan thesis dia, sv suruh supervise sorg lg, and this time it's a MSc student, erks!

Lg best, the notice iklan for the thesis is in jerman, so sah2 la bukan yours truly yg buat. So i was thinking, takde sape la kot yg nak buat, tup2 minggu lepas ada sorg interested in the topic. 

Td tanya sv, suruh cancel je topic tu or suruh2 sapa2 takeover sbb dah nak balik malaysia, dia suruh gak buat, katanya, sempat budak tu siapkan *positive-thinking sgt la mamat ni*

Now i'm just praying, budak tu dah tak minat topik ni, kot nak buat pon, tunggulaaaa winter sem karang when i'm not here anymore.

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miSs inTerpReted said...

you are coming back already??? YEAY!!