Wednesday, July 03, 2013

blood sample

so we went to the clinic today for adel's routine checkup. He's a little taller now, albeit not quite as heavy as he should be. But otherwise, he's healthy. I did however, told the doctor about his skin problem and the itchiness and she prescribed some stuff.

I also told her about his egg allergy and that scary episode that got us scrambling to the hospital late that night. The rashes, the itchiness and the inability to focus when I called out his name. And she was very surprised when I told her that the doctor at the hospital just sent him home and simply told him to avoid eggs @_@

She suggested that we let her take some blood sample so that she can get it tested. She said the hospital has a dermatology dept and the pediatric dept, but their missing link is a specialized group of dermatologists for children to which she'd send the blood sample to. Ok, kinda makes sense. I've always wondered about that kind of doctors too. Good thing they actually have them in Innsbruck, nevermind that it's a little out of the way, in Hall in Tirol.

So she got the needle prepared, and all of the sudden, i got a little nervous for adel. Bole tahan besar gak jarum tu, kalu melalak tu ok lagi, ni kalu mula meloncat, naya nak pegang. But very very surprisingly, he did not even wince when the doctor pushed the needle into his skin. He simply looked at it. Tatau la kot kesan bius tu kuat sgt, which i seriously doubt, sbb doctor tu terlupa sapu bius and only did it at the last minute, just before dia cucuk. Plus, kalu kita adults kena cucuk pun, rasa gak pedih walopun dah sapu bius.

So Adel just sat there, looked at his hand dan punyala relaxed sampai doctor tu pulak suruh dia bg sikit reaction sbb darah tak kuar byk. Only after he got a little bored and restless, baru darah menitik2 keluar. Bole tahan banyak gak la darah dia amik. But looking at how relaxed Adel was, i wasnt too nervous anymore. Bukan apa, i read about how sad other mothers were when their children had their blood samples taken. I imagined i would be sad too, lagi2 kalu anak tu menangis menjerit kesakitan.

Tapi sekarang, while I'm quite relieved dia tak sakit kena cucuk, risau pulak kot his pain threshold is so high nanti kalu kita marah, cubit sampai lebam pun dia tak rasa apa2 lak. Kalu macam ni, kena start strategizing a psychological tactic untuk handle budak kecik ni la nampaknya...